About our Doctors

All medical experts featured on Quantum Health TV meet three criteria:

     1) They are licensed, practicing medical doctors 

     2) They have deeply studied the emerging science of quantum biology and circadian health

     3) They are currently implementing this science both in their own lives and with patients in their medical practice

We are actively interviewing and adding more doctors as we expand the site content.

In addition to medical doctors, we also sometimes feature other health practitioners, eg clinical researchers, health coaches, strength/fitness trainers, nutritionists, and other health experts, when they have demonstrated deep knowledge and expertise in circadian health & quantum biology, and are using it with their patients/clients.

Meet our Doctors

Dr. Jack Kruse, Neurosurgeon

Dr Jack Kruse

Dr. Jack Kruse, MD, FAANS, CNS, has spent the last 15 years looking for the fundamental truths about human health brought forth by nature and quantum biology. His work has inspired a new field of 'quantum mitochondrial medicine' and he has trained dozens of doctors. Dr. Kruse is a frequent podcast guest and speaker at health conferences. His book summarizing his findings, "The Epi-Paleo RX", was published in 2013, his blog at www.jackkruse.com features thousands of posts expanding on his learnings and his work, and his online community has thousands of members.

Twitter: @DrJackKruse

Facebook: @DrJackKruse

Instagram: @DrJackKruse

Dr. Courtney Hunt, OB-GYN

Dr Courtney Hunt

Dr. Hunt, MD, FACOG, practiced obstetrics and gynecology for 15 years before stopping obstetrics to pursue her interest in functional medicine and nutritional genetics. She now focuses on a healing, proactive approach that provides long-term solutions and gets to the root cause to heal chronic illness, with integrative protocols to address a variety of illnesses. She works with both men and women to improve energy, cognition, and hormonal balance.

To work with Dr. Hunt, visit: https://www.courtneyhuntmd.com...

Instagram: @courtneyhuntmd

Dr. Leland Stillman, Integrative Medicine

Dr Leland Stillman

Dr. Leland Stillman, MD, practices natural and functional medicine with a systematic approach that addresses all aspects of diet, lifestyle, mindset, and environment, to help people achieve optimal health and their highest potential. He takes the best of many disciplines and therapeutic modalities and works with you to develop a comprehensive plan to achieve your health and performance goals. He works with patients all over the world.

To work with Dr. Stillman, visit: https://stillmanmd.com/

Twitter: @StillmanMD

Facebook: @StillmanMD

Instagram: @StillmanMD

Dr. Michael Twyman, Cardiology

Dr Michael Twyman

Dr. Michael Twyman MD practices general cardiology but is also specialized in integrative medicine with a focus on getting to the root cause of your conditions. He is an expert in heart attack and stroke prevention. In 2017 he discovered “biohacking” and has been using this modality of health optimization to help patients make incremental changes to their lifestyle and environment to improve their heart health and overall health over time, including photobiomodulation. 

To work with Dr. Twyman, visit: http://www.apollocardiology.com 

Instagram: @drtwyman

Twitter: @michaeltwymanmd 

Dr. Jay Montgomery, Opthalmology

Dr Jay Montgomery

Dr. Jay Montgomery, MD, has over 20 years of ophthalmic surgery experience in clinical and surgical treatments across a variety of specialties, including bladeless cataract surgery, corneal transplants, LASIK, PRK, and advanced glaucoma treatment. He is especially interested in quantum biology to optimize health through a proper light environment. 

He practices in South Carolina and can be contacted at https://www.clemsoneye.com/abo...

Twitter: @sjacobm321